Desk in Hotel Playa Costa Verde

Hotel Playa Costa Verde

The Hotel Playa Costa Verde is in the fine and white sand of Playa Pesquero, in the county of Holguín, amid lush vegetation, approximately to 70 km of the International Airport "Frank Pais".

Hotel Playa Costa Verde Entrance

Its name Hotel Playa Costa Verde is due to its privileged location between the sea and the green hills of the surroundings, it is a wide installation of 140.000 m2 that rises elegant with its attractive design and surrounded by a lot of vegetation and nature, at little distance of the beach line.

Previously this Hotel was one of the best SuperClubs of Jamaica, it was inaugurated in the year 2001 as the Hotel Breezes Costa Verde, and it changed its name when becoming operated by Gaviota S.A.

Hotel Playa Costa Verde Lobby

The Hotel Playa Costa Verde operates under the modality of "All Inclusive", ideal for bachelors, couples and families. Here the guests have a wide and varied offer for the leisure, with gastronomic facilities directed to all the likes, nautical activities, day and night animations, walks in catamarans and sport games directed to children and adults.

Hotel Playa Costa Verde Bungalow

The Hotel Playa Costa Verde is an establishment that wraps with its magic to who visits him, fancies as a magnificent place for the relax in any moment of the year and the enjoyment of the pleasant temperatures in its warm waters, surrounded of an exuberant tropical vegetation.

Hotel Playa Costa Verde, Pool Aerial View

Visitors from all over the world go to the Hotel Playa Costa Verde to celebrate their weddings or to renovate their marriage votes, surrounded of romanticism and of a Nature that captures who arrives looking for an eddy of peace to this paradisiacal place.

Beach at Hotel Playa Costa Verde

Playa Pesquero has the typical image of the post card of a tropical beach of fine white sands, leafy vegetation and coral barriers.

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