Still, before the traveler's curious eyes, opens up intact in Holguín the natural scenario that in 1492 Christopher Columbus described. Then, when arriving to this region of the Cuban east, the Admiral scored in his Newspaper:  This is the most beautiful earth that human eyes saw. It is still possible to verify that it was in the certain thing.

Mountains that die on protected beaches by coralline barriers.  A calm and warm sea where encourages in all its gradations the blue color, from the greenish one until the turquoise. Virgin forests, with endemic fauna and a flora.  A wild place, however, inoffensive.

Given the growing development of the tourist pole of the north coast of Holguín with the objective of increasing the hotel capacity and of services in the area Playa Pesquero with the combined effort of Gaviota SA and SuperClubs of Jamaica builds the Hotel Breezes Costa Verde of some 480 rooms.

The Hotel Breezes Costa Verde opened its doors in the second semester of the year 2001 operated by SuperClubs of Jamaica low regime of "All Inclusive" and for its excellent results in the satisfaction and its guests' attention you places among the first of country and you forms a good international image.

For the month of June of the 2004 SuperClubs of Jamaica you retirement of the hotel and it began a new stage then for this, from then on it is operated by Gaviota SA (their proprietor) who also change their name for Hotel Playa Costa Verde.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

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